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RYFTS is a decentralized raffle platform based on Etherum Smart Contracts. By incorporating the cutting edge benefits and features of smart contracts, blockchain technologies and random number generation, Ryfts provides an honest and totally transparent gambling experience to all people across the world. Token Utility/Function: An RFT token serves as a ticket-purchasing medium for participating in raffle draws. It also serves as an accumulative means for rewarding certain RFT token holders with special privileges represented by holding premium accounts and participating in weekly free draws.
Token sale completed on 08 November
Goal: 3,000,000
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Ryfts is an anonymous raffle platform with an international magnitude that stirs clear from the conventional lottery systems by implementing a variety of refreshing and convenient game models opposed to only one fixed model that’s used by traditional lotteries. In this case, each player chooses the most appealing combination of odds, pool sizes, duration of the betting rounds and the final prize amounts. So while traditional lotteries rely heavily on enormous pools and prizes that greatly diminish each player’s odds and that requires extensive periods of time to deliver, Ryfts depends on dynamic, integrated models that provide the players with unmatched flexibility in choosing and knowing how much they want to bet, how many players they’re going to compete against and for how long they’re going to wait for the delivery of the prizes while keeping it all as simple, transparent and accessible as possible.

You may ask any questions regarding Ryfts in any of our contact channels and we will always try to give you a timely answer.

Token Sale: 08 October — 08 November
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